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    • Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Language documentation / Field linguistics; Language typology; Phonetics / Phonology; Translation science
      Keyword: endangered language; optimality theory; prosodics; transcription
      Language: Ainu; English; Japanese; Nivkh / Gilyak; Russian; Tungusic languages
      Source type: Bibliographies; Corpora; Link collections; Reference works
      Publisher: Shiraishi, Hidetoshi
      Publisher: Sapporo Gakuin University, Sapporo
      Written in: English; Japanese
      Country: Japan
      Access: free access
      editorial staff Lin|gu|is|tik: UB Frankfurt a.M.
    • Topic: Language typology; Morphology
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Altaic languages; Arawakan languages; ...
      Source type: Reference works
      Access: free access