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    • Topic: Lexicology / Etymology; Morphology; Second language acquisition / Foreign language acquisition; ...
      Language: Arabic; Bulgarian; Catalan / Valencian; ...
      Source type: Language tests
      Access: free access
    • Topic: Graphemics; History of language; Phonetics / Phonology; Text linguistics
      Keyword: alphabetic writing; cuneiform; language change
      Language: Akkadian; Arabic; Aramaic, Imperial; Armenian; Avestan; Bengali; Berber languages; Buginese; Carian; Central Khmer / Cambodian; Cherokee; Chinese, Mandarin; Chinese language; Coptic; Cree, Plains; Egyptian, Ancient; Elamite; Etruscan; Faliscan; Georgian; Gothic; Greek language; Gujarati; Hebrew; Hebrew, Ancient; Hittite; Hungarian; Inuktitut; Japanese; Javanese; Kannada; Kashmiri; Korean; Lao; Latin; Lepcha; Linear A; Luwian, Hieroglyphic ; Lycian; Lydian; Malayalam; Maya, Yucatán; Mixtec, Chayuco; Mongolian; Naxi; Oriya; Oscan; Oto-Manguean languages; Persian, Old; Phoenician; Russian; Samaritan Aramaic; Sinhala / Sinhalese; Sogdian; Sumerian; Syriac ; Tagalog; Tamil; Telugu; Thai; Tibetan; Tocharian languages; Ugaritic; Uighur / Uyghur; Umbrian; Venetic
      Source type: Bibliographies; Introductions / Tutorials; Link collections; Reference works
      Publisher: Lo, Lawrence K.
      Written in: English
      Country: United States of America
      Access: free access
      editorial staff Lin|gu|is|tik: UB Frankfurt a.M.
    • Topic: Second language acquisition / Foreign language acquisition
      Language: Arabic; Chinese language; Czech; ...
      Source type: Dictionaries; Introductions / Tutorials
      Access: partial free access

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