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    • Topic: Applied linguistics; Clinical linguistics / Neurolinguistics; Computational linguistics; ...
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Akan ; Albanian language; ...
      Source type: Full-text server / Archives; Linguistic associations; Link collections
      Access: partial free access
    • Topic: Language typology; Morphology; Syntax
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Arabic; Archi; ...
      Source type: Bibliographies; Introductions / Tutorials; Reference works
      Access: free access
    • Topic: Language typology; Morphology
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Altaic languages; Arawakan languages; ...
      Source type: Reference works
      Access: free access
    • Topic: Corpus linguistics; Lexicology / Etymology; Morphology
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Altaic languages; Australian languages; ...
      Source type: Dictionaries; Full-text server / Archives
      Access: free access
    • Topic: Grammar research; Language typology; Morphology; Phonetics / Phonology; Pragmalinguistics / Communication research; Semantics; Syntax
      Keyword: ontology
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Ainu; Altaic languages; Andamanese languages; Andoque / Andoke; Australian languages; Austro-Asiatic languages; Austronesian languages; Basque; Burushaski; Caucasian languages; Cayubaba / Cayuwaba; Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages; Creole and Pidgin languages; Dravidian languages; Elamite; Elymian; Eskimo-Aleut languages; Etruscan; Hmong-Mien languages; Hurritian; Indo-European languages; Japanese; Kartvelian languages; Karuk / Karok; Khoisan languages; Kol; Korean; Kunza; Kutenai; Niger-Congo languages; Nilo-Saharan languages; Nivkh / Gilyak; North and Central Amerindian languages; Papuan languages; Seri; Sino-Tibetan languages; South Amerindian languages; Sulka; Sumerian; Tai-Kadai languages; Ticuna; Uralic languages; Waorani; Warao; Yeniseian languages; Yuchi
      Source type: Bibliographies; Reference works
      Research type: Research projects
      Publisher: Dimitriadis, Alexis; Hengeveld, Kees; Meulen, Dirk van der; Windhouwer, Menzo
      Publisher: LanguageLink; Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap (LOT) = Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics, Utrecht; Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen = Faculty of Humanities; Universiteit Utrecht = Utrecht University
      Written in: English
      Access: free access
      editorial staff Lin|gu|is|tik: UB Frankfurt a.M.

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