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    • Topic: History of language; Lexicology / Etymology; Text linguistics
      Language: Anatolian languages; Egyptian language; Hurritian; ...
      Written in: English; German
    • Topic: History of language; Text linguistics; Translation science
      Keyword: cuneiform; hermeneutics; inscription; language and culture; language and religion
      Language: Egyptian language; Greek language; Iranian languages; Romance languages; Semitic languages; Sumerian
      Source type: Research projects
      Research type: research group
      Publisher: Jagonak, Martin
      Publisher: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
      Written in: German
      Country: Germany
      Access: free access
      editorial staff Lin|gu|is|tik: UB Frankfurt a.M.
    • Topic: Corpus linguistics; History of language; Lexicology / Etymology; ...
      Language: Akkadian; Sumerian
      Research type: Research projects
      Access: free access

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