The Linguistik-Repository is the document server of FID Linguistik. It offers scholars from all over the world the opportunity to publish their linguistically relevant research in electronic form and in accordance with the principles of open access. The primary focus is on the republication of material that has already been published (i.e. Green Open Access). The service – including publication and access – is free of charge.

Each document gets a persistent identifier (Uniform Resource Name, URN) so that it can be permanently addressed and referenced. The German National Library guarantees the long-term storage of the content. All publications in the Linguistik-Repository are catalogued in compliance with librarian standards and indexed by relevant catalogues and search engines. They are automatically listed by the Lin|gu|is|tik portal and BASE which improves their visibility and usage.

In order to publish a document in the Linguistik-Repository the author has to sign a declaration of consent, granting a simple right of use to the operator of the document server. The author remains the copyright holder.

The University Library Frankfurt maintains the Linguistik-Repository that has been established with the support of the DFG.

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Declaration of consent (PDF)


Please contact us if you want to make your publication freely accessible via the internet!


Service in detail

Publication and access

  • No publication fees
  • No access restrictions

Storage and retrieval

  • Long-term preservation by the German National Library (DNB)
  • Unique, persistent web address (URN)
  • DINI-certificated repository

Indexing and visibility

  • Lin|gu|is|tik portal
  • Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)
  • Subsequent publications

Copyright and licence

  • Copyright remains with the author
  • Creative Commons licences are possible