LOD search

The Lin|gu|is|tik portal is interlinked with Linked Open Data (LOD). The LOD search gives you the opportunity to search for language resources that were integrated in the portal using this interlinking.

Here you can find linguistically annotated, freely available research data such as corpora, dictionaries or lexicons. In the framework of FID Linguistik, routines for the data integration were developed based on Semantic Web technologies and methods from computational linguistics: The processed resources are analysed with regard to annotation scheme (tag set) and object language in an automated manner. The results of the analysis are added to the existing descriptions. All metadata is stored in the metadata repository (Annohub) established for this purpose. The Annohub data serves as the basis for the indexation of the resources.

You can start a query by using language identifiers (e.g. Arabic, Swedish, Hindi) and linguistic concepts for annotated phenomena (e.g. Auxiliary, Accusative, Dual). For additional information and search examples please go to Search tips.