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Linguistic societies

DHd 2025: Call for papers July 11, 2024 Digital Humanities (DHd)
Stellenausschreibung studentische*r Mitarbeitende*r am Institut für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden in Hamburg July 9, 2024 Digital Humanities (DHd)
Partner-Parade #05: Das Trier Center for Digital Humanities July 2, 2024 Text+ Blog
Einladung zum DHd Community Forum am 05.07.2024 July 2, 2024 Digital Humanities (DHd)
Zur Nachahmung empfohlen: „FAIRes FDM für digitale Editionen. Konzept für einen Workshop im World Café-Format“ July 1, 2024 Text+ Blog
Partner-Parade #04: Bibliosibirsk und die NFDI – Zur Rolle der HAB in den geisteswissenschaftlichen Konsortien June 27, 2024 Text+ Blog
Eurobarometer Survey Reveals Strong Support for Protection of Regional and Minoritised Languages in Europe June 25, 2024 Linguapax International
CALL FOR PAPERS: Linguapax Asia 2024: 12th International Symposium on Language for Peace and Education Now June 3, 2024 Linguapax International
“The Catalan Education System and the Language Model” – Seminar by Linguapax International and the Center for Research May 27, 2024 Linguapax International
Referent*in für Digital Humanities an der Universität Freiburg May 13, 2024 Digital Humanities (DHd)
Seminar series “Decolonizing approaches to studying history and linguistic-cultural heritage. Methods, tools, results and challenges” May 7, 2024 Linguapax International
Das war die DHd2024! April 23, 2024 Digital Humanities (DHd)
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Linguistic blogs

Japanese expressions for some paranormal phenomena July 14, 2024 Language Log
Visualising algebraic combinations of intervals July 13, 2024 corp.ling.stats
IRL reverse dictionary July 13, 2024 Language Log
Do we store “words”? Moving beyond the “lexicon” confusion July 13, 2024 Diversity Linguistics Comment
Graphic Contexts Determine Characters' Functions July 13, 2024 Language Log
Irish eggcorns July 12, 2024 Language Log
Food in the works of Jane Austen as seen by early 20th-century Chinese July 12, 2024 Language Log
Top Chinese general loses his chastity July 12, 2024 Language Log
OpenAI blocks API traffic from China July 11, 2024 Language Log
Environmental effects on language change July 11, 2024 Language Log
Milk tea July 10, 2024 Language Log
Singing Presidents (a triumph of Chinese AI) July 10, 2024 Language Log
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Related FIDs

Stellenangebot: Fachdidaktik Niederländisch July 12, 2024 FID Benelux
Neue Publikation in NordDok July 11, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
Neues von NordDok – Open Access für die Nordeuropaforschung July 11, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
Neu auf CompaRe: Die AVL im Porträt bei der Arbeitsstelle Kleine Fächer + Sammelband „Virtuelle Investigationen“ July 8, 2024
Veranstaltungshinweis: Charting the European D-SEA – Digital Scholarship in East Asian Studies – Workshops und Konferenz July 4, 2024 CrossAsia
Neues Nordeuropa-Digitalisat aus dem FID July 3, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
CrossAsia Received “2024 Korean Studies e-resources Grant” from Korea Foundation July 2, 2024 CrossAsia
Webressourcen aus Nordeuropa – Geschichte, Politik, Kultur 3 – 2024 July 2, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
Simposio Internacional (04.-05.07.2024): Circulación, traducción, transmedialidad. La historieta en un mundo globalizado (II) July 2, 2024 FID Romanistik
Rezensionsüberblick Juni 2024 July 1, 2024 FID Benelux
Neue Nordeuropa-Rezension in H-Soz-Kult July 1, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
Neue Nordeuropa-Rezension in H-Soz-Kult June 28, 2024 FID Nordeuropa
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Books: English Grammar for Literature Students: Wright (2024) July 13, 2024 LINGUIST List
Books: Highly Irregular: Okrent and O'Neill (2024) July 13, 2024 LINGUIST List
Books: The Oxford Handbook of Southeast Asian Englishes: Moody (ed.) (2024) July 13, 2024 LINGUIST List
Books: Beyond Aspectual Semantics: De Wit, Brisard and Madden-Lombard (eds.) (2024) July 13, 2024 LINGUIST List
Books: The Indigenous Languages of the Americas: Campbell (2024) July 13, 2024 LINGUIST List
Calls: Language in Fantastic Film Worlds: Exploring Fictional Telecinematic Discourse July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Confs: The third thematic school on conditionals in Paris July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Calls: 47th Generative Linguistics in the Old World conference (GLOW 47) July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Calls: Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Postcolonial English Contexts (DVPEC) - International Workshop July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Internships: Anthropological Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Documentation, Sociolinguistics: Endangered Languages Project seeking language revitalization interns for 2024-2025 academic year, Endangered Languages Project, Remote July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Jobs: Syntax: Lecturer/Postdoc, Georg August Universität Göttingen July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
Jobs: German; Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics: Acquisitions Editor Germanistische Linguistik (m/w/d), De Gruyter Brill July 12, 2024 LINGUIST List
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