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    • Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Language documentation / Field linguistics; Language typology; Theory of language
      Keyword: language classification
      Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Ainu; Algic languages; Altaic languages; Amto-Musan languages; Andoque / Andoke; Arafundi languages; Arai-Kwomtari languages; Arauan languages; Artificial languages / Constructed languages; Australian languages; Austro-Asiatic languages; Austronesian languages; Aymaran languages; Basque; Bayono-Awbono languages; Border languages; Burushaski; Caddoan languages; Canela; Carib languages; Caucasian languages; Cayubaba / Cayuwaba; Central Solomons languages; Chapacura-Wanham languages; Chibchan languages; Chimakuan language; Chinook; Chipaya; Choco languages; Chon languages; Chukotko-Kamchatkan languages; Chumash languages; Creole and Pidgin languages; Dravidian languages; East Bird's Head-Sentani languages; Eastern Trans-Fly languages; East Geelvink Bay languages; East New Britain languages; Eskimo-Aleut languages; Eyak; Haida; Harakmbet languages; Hmong-Mien languages; Huave languages; Indo-European languages; Iroquoian languages; Japanese; Jivaroan languages; Karajá; Kartvelian languages; Katukinan languages; Kaure languages; Keres languages; Khoisan languages; Kiowa; Kol; Korean; Kutenai; Lakes Plain languages; Left May languages; Mairasi languages; Mascoian languages; Mataco-Guaicuru languages; Mayan languages; Maybrat languages; Misumalpan languages; Mixe-Zoque languages; Mongol-Langam languages; Mura language; Muskogean languages; Nambiquaran languages; Niger-Congo languages; Nilo-Saharan languages; Nimboran languages; North Bougainville languages; Northeast Caucasian languages; Northwest Caucasian languages; Oto-Manguean languages; Páez; Palaic; Panoan languages; Pauwasi languages; Piawi languages; Quechuan languages; Ramu-Lower Sepik languages; Salishan languages; Salivan languages; Senagi languages; Seri; Sign languages / Deaf sign languages; Sino-Tibetan languages; Siouan languages; Sko languages; Somahai languages; South Bougainville languages; Sulka; Tai-Kadai languages; Tequistlatecan languages; Torricelli languages; Trans-New Guinea languages; Tsimshian; Tucano; Tupi languages; Uralic languages; Uto-Aztecan languages; Wakashan languages; Warao; Wintu; Witotoan languages; Yagua; Yanomam languages; Yeniseian languages; Yuat languages; Yuchi; Yukaghir; Yuki languages; Zamucoan languages; Zaparoan languages; Zuni
      Source type: Reference works
      Publisher: Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) International
      Written in: English
      Access: subject to license
      Subject area: General Linguistics
      editorial staff Lin|gu|is|tik: UB Frankfurt a.M.
      DBIS : 1504