FID Linguistik hosts the Zeitschrift für Wortbildung / Journal of Word Formation (ZWJW)

June 19, 2023

Since 2021, FID Linguistik has been cooperating with the Zeitschrift für Wortbildung / Journal of Word Formation (ZWJW). The editor-in-chief Prof Dr Petra M. Vogel (University of Siegen) has published the international open access journal since 2017. The spectrum of the journal includes word formation phenomena regarding any language and linguistic field, e.g. morphology, syntax, lexicology, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, language history, typology, dialectology, language acquisition, and language contact.

FID took responsibility for the hosting of ZWJW and made a new publishing environment based on the software Open Journals Systems available to the editors. After the successful migration of the old issues, the new web presence went online in May 2022 under

In April 2023, the first journal issue was published that was edited entirely in the new publishing environment. The special issue “Approximation in Morphology” was guest-edited by Francesca Masini, Muriel Norde and Kristel Van Goethem. It includes eleven research papers and one conference report (see

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