Linguistik-Journals: Overview of the hosted journals

Oct. 19, 2022

With its service E-Journal-Hosting, FID Linguistik supports the publication of linguistically relevant open access journals. Our service includes the provision of the technical infrastructure, the long-term sustainability of the content as well as the integration of the journal in relevant catalogue systems and databases.

The FID platform hosts currently seven journals, including renowned periodicals as well as newly established ones. All supported journals apply “Diamond Open Access” as a publication model, i.e. they are free of charge for both authors and readers.

Recently, we created the module Linguistik-Journals in the Lin|gu|is|tik-Portal in order to facilitate a convenient overview of the hosted journals. For each journal, you can find here a brief description, information on the licence as well as a link to the current issue.

If you need further information about our e-publishing services, please contact us at

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