Lin|gu|is|tik is online!

April 17, 2013

Last but not least – since 17 April 2013 the nestling of the German virtual libraries is online: "Lin|gu|is|tik – Portal für Sprachwissenschaft". We do not offer specialization in a particular philological direction, but try to reflect the diversity of linguistics. You find information on:

  • General and Comparative Linguistics
  • Historical Linguistics (Indo-European studies, Ancient oriental studies, Classical Philology, Early American studies, Coptic studies, Medieval studies)
  • European philologies (German studies, English/American studies, Romance studies, Slavonic studies, Skandinavian studies, Dutch studies, Baltic studies, Frisian studies, Celtic studies)
  • Non-European philologies and endangered languages (Arabic/Semitic studies, Austronesian studies, Finno-Ugrian studies, Japanese studies, Caucasian studies, Korean studies, Chinese studies/Tibetan studies, Oriental studies, Mongolian studies)

We endeavor to treat all subjects with equal dedication. The Lin|gu|is|tik portal is still under construction, and we work with full speed in creating new modules and the enhancement of our offer.

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